War Mongrels: Limited Edition Starter Pack

Have you heard about War Mongrels Limited Edition Starter Pack? Not yet? Well, then here we are with a brand new video showing you all the wonderful items you will find inside! Tempted? You should be... Only 1944 pieces will be produced, so be vigilant!

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War Mongrels Trailer - Part II

Experience World War II from a different perspective in our upcoming real-time tactics game - "War Mongrels". Coming to PC on October 19, 2021, in single player and co-op!

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War Diaries Part 8 - Warsaw Uprising

"People of Warsaw! This is the call to arms! Let the entire population stand by the State National Council, by the Warsaw Underground Army. Smash the Germans!" - a message with this content was sent several times at the end of July by the Moscow-based radio station named after Tadeusz Kościuszko, calling on the inhabitants of Warsaw to start an uprising. The outbreak of the Uprising and the "W" hour - August 1 at 5:00 pm...

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War Diaries – Part 7

According to the widely accepted narration, the Red Army were brave liberators who helped Eastern Europe get rid of the yoke of Nazism. However, the real image always eludes the black and white logic. What was the reality of the lands liberated by the Red Army? Check out the latest episode of "War Diaries" and learn more!

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“War Mongrels” Limited Edition

Our friends from Dasforma have prepared something unique. Only 1,944 copies of the limited edition will be produced - and this number is no coincidence! Pre-orders are available at Prepare for hard-hitting WWII authenticity with an elaborate limited edition full of high-quality extras!

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The brand new B-roll of “War Mongrels” Chapter VII is already here…

The new gameplay video highlights a later section, some time after protagonist Manfred witnessed the horrific results of Hitler’s regime firsthand and abandoned his post.

That’s not all! 1,944 copies of the limited edition will be made and pre-orders open today at Prepare for hard-hitting WWII authenticity with an elaborate limited edition full of high-quality extras. Stay tuned for more details...

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Xbox APPLE playstation

War Mongrels out now on consoles and App...

We are excited to announce, that after months of hard work, War Mongrels are finally out on...

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Shame Legacy

Meet Shame Legacy, our newest publishing...

It is out now on PC and Consoles!

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History Channel Cooperation

Connected by History

HISTORY Channel and Destructive Creations join forces to talk about the past through enter...

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