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Ancestors Legacy – Mod Support and Dedicated servers!

The day you’ve all been waiting for has arrived. Steam Mod Support is finally here! We know it took a while, but we really wanted to provide you with something special and truly big in terms of what you can create. However, we’re still not done and plan to keep on improving Mod Support. That’s why we’re calling this Beta for now.

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New Game Warmongrels

War Diaries – Part 7

According to the widely accepted narration, the Red Army were brave liberators who helped Eastern...

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Warmongrels Limited Edition

“War Mongrels” Limited Edition

Our friends from Dasforma have prepared something unique. Only 1,944 copies of the limited...

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New Game Warmongrels

The brand new B-roll of “War Mongrels” Chapter...

The new gameplay video highlights a later section, some time after protagonist Manfred witnessed...

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