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Space Raiders in Space: Hatred Mode is here!

Not Important has joined the team! Perhaps our brave team of Space Raiders in Space is not very brilliant, but with him on their side, they are ready to defend themselves and slaughter enemies...

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Ancestors Legacy: Free Peasant Edition has been released!

Here it is! Feel free to download Ancestors Legacy: Free Peasant Edition... We can't stress that enough - for free! Enjoy multiplayer matches and the Vikings campaign. Try it out - you can't miss it! And get the taste of the full version...

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Space Raiders in Space

Today is a big day! Space Raiders in Space is released today!

We were waiting for this moment a few good months! Finally we can show You our final project of Space Raiders in Space! Check the fruit of our collaboration with 2 Stupid Devs and don't get fooled by their "name"!  For sure, our players won't be disappointed. The game has now a lot of improvements - a story mode "Sacrifice", fresh sound effects and a brand new soundtrack. Watch our official trailer and move with us into space!

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Destructive Creations now puts music right in the gamer’s ears thanks to their own line of True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds – K-BUDS. As the developer has been placing a lot of importance on having quality music in their games, it is only natural to follow up with earbuds that delivers the sound of their games and their original soundtracks in the quality they desire. The low-latency K-Buds are accompanied by a PC equalizer, studio pre-set curves by DC’s audio masters for the best sound out-of-the-box and are meant to be a companion at home, at work and on the go. K-BUDS are earbuds from PC gamers for PC gamers!: Check: www.k-buds.com

Space Raiders in Space publishes the newest trailer and leaves early access!

Comic-style art, killer space aliens, and deprecating humor come together for a truly great tower defense experience in Space Raiders in Space. Build the best strategy and beat back the hordes when we launch on December 8!

Story mode, new music, animations and overall much bigger and better experience!

Salut to our friends at 2 Stupid Devs you deserve to get wasted after the hard work.

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War Mongrels - War Diaries - Part 1

Here is our first episode of the short “War Diaries” documentary. Our goal here is not to educate you, there’s almost no “hard knowledge” in the video. We wish to give you some of the general emotions we feel about those times, to encourage you to dig deeper. Did you think the death toll in Western Europe was tremendous? Watch and think again.

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War Mongrels Out Now on PC!

Our new game, War Mongrels, is Out Now on PC!

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New Game Warmongrels

Steam Next Fest - War Mongrels Demo!

Steam Next Fest has already begun! It means that you can enjoy the demo of War Mongrels. Just...

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New Game Warmongrels

War Diaries Part 9

In the early stages of WWII Germany vehemently believed in their greatness. However, nothing...

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