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War Diaries – Part 6

Two of the main characters in “War Mongrels” represent the so-called "Silent Unseen" (Polish “Cichociemni”). These were special forces, trained in Great Britain and formed by Polish men, sent to perform deadly and dangerous tasks. They were secretly dropped over occupied Poland to aid the resistance, bring know-how, money, and equipment. BTW: the last of these heroes lives. His name is Aleksander Tarnawski, he is a citizen of our Gliwice, and is now exactly 100 years old. Enjoy the next episode of “War Diaries”!

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War Mongrels – pre-alpha build released

War Mongrels – pre-alpha build released The pre-alpha build of “War Mongrels” has been released! Meanwhile, a footage presenting the first two levels – one taking place in Orsha and the other in the village of Ponary – has been streamed to our social media.

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Space Raiders in Space: Hatred Mode is here!

Not Important has joined the team! Perhaps our brave team of Space Raiders in Space is not very brilliant, but with him on their side, they are ready to defend themselves and slaughter enemies...

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Ancestors Legacy: Free Peasant Edition has been released!

Here it is! Feel free to download Ancestors Legacy: Free Peasant Edition... We can't stress that enough - for free! Enjoy multiplayer matches and the Vikings campaign. Try it out - you can't miss it! And get the taste of the full version...

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Space Raiders in Space

Today is a big day! Space Raiders in Space is released today!

We were waiting for this moment a few good months! Finally we can show You our final project of Space Raiders in Space! Check the fruit of our collaboration with 2 Stupid Devs and don't get fooled by their "name"!  For sure, our players won't be disappointed. The game has now a lot of improvements - a story mode "Sacrifice", fresh sound effects and a brand new soundtrack. Watch our official trailer and move with us into space!

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Xbox APPLE playstation

War Mongrels out now on consoles and App...

We are excited to announce, that after months of hard work, War Mongrels are finally out on...

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Shame Legacy

Meet Shame Legacy, our newest publishing...

It is out now on PC and Consoles!

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History Channel Cooperation

Connected by History

HISTORY Channel and Destructive Creations join forces to talk about the past through enter...

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