First gameplay of War Mongrels behind us! See the World War II from different perspectives!

After the official premiere of the War Mongrels game trailer, took place the first b-roll of the game. Marcin and Martin told what can be expected and revealed that our game will deal with details and circumstances that have not been shown before by any game related to World War II. During the game screenshots, which were presented, can be noticed that our goal was to achieve the most realistic picture of the tactical game as possible and we did it.

Topic of World War II is rather forgotten nowadays, but it is still worth looking at - especially from a different side, in our game it is happening. Strong advantages are without doubt tactical options and real fates of the heroes. In our game gamers can play together and will be able to choose characters from the group and each of the players will control moves of the characters. War was never black and white and we want to show the shades of grey of it and how our characters found their path to fight the nazi war machine

Over time, we will reveal more and more details and graphics! Stay with us on a regular basis!

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