Ancestors Legacy – Mod Support and Dedicated servers!

The day you’ve all been waiting for has arrived. Steam Mod Support is finally here! We know it took a while, but we really wanted to provide you with something special and truly big in terms of what you can create. However, we’re still not done and plan to keep on improving Mod Support. That’s why we’re calling this Beta for now.

With Mod Support, there are many things that you can modify and add to the base game:

Game balance
Modifying nations
And much more

For more detailed information about Mod Support and how to get started creating your own content, please head over here:

Be aware that the below subjects are not tolerated and mods containing such content will be removed:

Hate speech
The promotion violence
Intolerance of religion and beliefs

Find this information and more in the EULA.

We also released dedicated servers available for everyone that owns Ancestors Legacy, which you can find in the tools section.

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